By the time you receive this Autumn will have already arrived. The Autumnal Equinox arrived here at 42.086 degrees North, 80.132 degrees West, on September 23rd, @ 09:04 UTC; that would be 5:04 AM on the watch that you are wearing here in ERI. You may not have noticed because you might have been too busy getting ready for the arrival of NASA’s UARS Satellite, also scheduled to return to earth sometime that day after 20 years in orbit. Man made meteorites were expected, but the exact location could not be determined. I didn’t leave the house that day without an umbrella.

Since June, five gentlemen applied and where accepted as members of Dan Rice Tent:

In August…Glenn Bailey    Charles Tissue

In September…Jack Ciecierski      Donald Laird      Ronald Walters

Along with Donald C Meyers and Thomas Mangan one additional faithful member has left us, called to return to the Lord:

James H. Klie Jr  on September 7th …….   Our prayers are with you.

We welcome these new members to our Tent of 123 and morn the passing of three very close Saints & Sinners. Just a reminder, the annual dues still remain at just $35.00, and any new members who join after our annual picnic; their dues payment will cover them for 2012 as well. Don’t forget that there is no initiation fee when recruiting individuals for new membership.

We are proud and thankful that Helen D. Wagner Trost, mother of George E. Trost, past President and member of the charity committee; has named us as one of the organizations that a memorial can be placed in her name. Helen passed at the age of 96 on July 31, 2011. Thank You George, our prayers are with your mother.


Annual Auction    Friday, October 28th              Chair…..  David Johns, Dutch Zabrosky, Gary Gnacinski, Mitch Easly

Annual reorganization meeting…… January. 2012                Annual “Spring Fling” get-together…..  April, 2012


Our annual golf outing, now know as the Donald C Meyers Annual Golf Tournament was a tremendous success. Many of Don’s old cronies were there to kick off this 1st annual event. 70 individuals played golf and or attended the Steak Fry at Sommerlyst Club. The weather didn’t let us down, and the Shrimp on the Barbie was as popular as ever. Thank You to Ron Rectenwald and Ron King for conduction the golf portion at Orchard Ponds Golf Club. Many thanks and kudos to Greg Inman who does more than most of you will ever understand in making these events happen. Also thanks to Mike McLaughlin, Chris Meyers, and Greg Martin for helping to lighten the load by cooking on our new grill. And a very special thanks to Mike Halasz for hosting us at his Club. If you missed this ever popular event, it was your loss.

Gary Gnacinski would like to thank Harry Morrison, Greg Inman, Wayne Rose, Ron Sundy, and Doctor Jack Hrinda for supporting Girard’s Dan Rice Days.                                                                                                                                         I think that Dan Rice Tent needs to recognize Gary Gnacinski, whose effort was over and above. If it was not for his involvement we would not have been there. Kudos to you Gary!!!

To talk about this year’s picnic for a moment, only 69 members and guests attended although we had reservations and were expecting 80+. I think that we have found a home at Picnicana, what a wonderful place, thank you Ron Rectenwald for making that happen. This year we showed a nice little profit because of 50/50 and tip-board sales, thank you Ron Sciarrilli for your efforts there. We only had two Greek sauces but that proved to be enough, thanks John Young for your participation. Plenty of door prizes thank you to all that contributed. Ron King, thanks for handling the beer, David Boesch, thanks for cooking the dogs, Bob Boorum, Joe Buki and Judy Sundy and others thanks for shucking the corn. And once again, a special Thank You to Greg Inman for all of your involvement, (way too numerous to mention); Oh…. One more, thanks to Mitch Easly for volunteering to be responsible for the “Bar Activates”. I know that I have missed others, please accept my appoligies.   

Just to let you know, so far this year we have helped 11 individuals with financial aid for a total of $5300.00. Total help to charities since Dan Rice Tent has been around is $120,780.00, thanks to all of you.

To quote from the By-Laws…..our sole reason for existing is: “To provide charitable help to any individual or organization in time of need for any lawful charitable purpose”. Any member of Saints & Sinners can submit a request to help someone in need. Just write down as much information as you can and submit to a charity committee member, or just mail to our P.O. Box address, or send an e-mail to and it will be forwarded to all the committee members.

  • Charity Committee….  Chair Wayne Rose, David Johns, Ron King, George Trost, Dutch Zabrosky

Your organization is always looking for volunteers to help with the planning and conduct of events. If you have any interest and would like to become more involved just contact one of the committee or Board members. In particular, we are in need of someone who would like to become involved in the Newsletter that we try to send out 2 or 3 times a year.


To bring you up to date with some activities at CSSA National. A few months ago, the CSSA National President Paul Warner sent a letter saying, in so many words, that they intended to stop mailing the Bi-Annual Magazine, and would be sending it by e-mail. We wrote back saying that we would not supply the e-mail addresses of our members without their permission and, oh by the way, what about our members that do not have e-mail capabilities.                          We received a reply back a week or two ago, basically saying that they understand our position; and will still mail newsletters and magazines to all tent members who they do not have an e-mail address for. The next magazine will go out in March 2012.

The purpose of sending this out is to make you aware of what might be coming, and have you need to start thinking about whether or not you would like your e-mail address released to them. We are taking NO ACTION at this time.

Please give this some thought. I’m sure that we will be discussing this in January, if not sooner.

Thanks ,

Ron Sundy,  Secretary


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