Greetings from Dan Rice Tent in Erie Pennsylvania


We had just recently conducted our Annual Organizational Dinner meeting on January 21st and what a memorable day it was up here at 42 degrees north latitude. That Monday saw snowfall of nearly 19 inches, temperatures in the teens, with winds at 20 to 30 MPH. Our attendance was a little less than we expected, but 32 of our members did manage to brave the elements. Business conducted included the election of officers for 2013 and a report to the membership of our 2012 financials and charitable activities.  Our membership remains strong with 120 active members of which 18 were added last year. Two of our faithful members departed in 2012 and our prayers are with them:


Richard Overberg on February 6th and Robert Lechner on August 2nd


Highlighted in the report was that our financial picture remains strong and we set a record by being able to help 24 individuals and their families as well as 11 organizations with contributions. Additionally we are now teamed up with the Erie Maennerchor Club to co-sponsor the Annual Christmas party for children with exceptional needs. Under the leadership of Mr. Bob Boorum this has been a tradition for over 40 years, usually attended by 150 to180 children, and we are now proud to be officially a part of it.


Results of this year’s election and officers for 2013 are:

  • President……  Gary Gnacinski
  • Vice Pres.…… Ron King
  • Secretary …..    Ron Sundy
  • Treasurer……  Greg Inman
  • Trustees …       Paul Considine, Dave Boesch
  • Trustees …       Chris Brocious, Mitch Easly
  • Trustees …        Ron Rectenwald, Tom Spagel


In keeping with tradition the Charity Committee is made up of the Current President and the last four most recent Presidents:

  •   Chairman …       Gary Gnacinski
  •   Members …        Wayne Rose, Dutch Zabrosky, George Trost, Ron King





We are happy to announce that we will be 25 years old this year. That means that we have been helping those in need in our local community for a while, and will be adding a special event this year to celebrate this milestone. Greg Inman and Ron Sundy have been task to put this together and details will be fore coming.


Other events planned for 2013:


  • Annual Spring Fling…….              late March / early April ???
  • Golf outing / Steak Fry …              late June / early July ???
  • Special Birthday Celebration….     late July / early August ???
  • Annual Picnic ……                         September 7
  • 9th Annual Auction ……                 October 25 / November 1 ???


Traditionally our Annual Charity Auction is our main source of income to meet the needs of those in our local community who require a helping hand, and will continue to do so. Every year we were blessed to have some individuals, local businesses and Social Clubs make significant contributions in support of our noble cause. Last year all of that came together better than ever. Our attendance was the best ever, and the amount of proceeds from the auction also set a record. Special “over and above “ kudos should go to Chairman Gary Gnacinski, David Johns, and Auctioneer Corey Brown from Green Gables Auction Village for donating his services. A special thank you to everyone in the Erie Community for your never ending support. We will include some picture from last year’s activities.


In closing, we would like to invite you to view our Web-site for a total picture of Dan Rice Tent in Erie, Pennsylvania. Our calendar of events should be finalized by end of February, and we invite you to attend one of our upcoming events…..  Although you might want to check the weather forecast first.


On behalf of all of the Officers and members of Dan Rice Tent we wish all of the Tents under the Circus Saints & Sinners Club of America’s banner the best success in 2013.


Ron Sundy……   Secretary


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